September 9, 1935

This night reminds me of the nightmare...
Back in England in 1918,
a small village had a major catastrophe.
Grave robbing and kidnapping occurred every night.
And there was a villager who saw a horrific monster.
Even the police could not stop the chaos.

My name is Edward Windsor. I'm a miserable detective.
When I was approached about this case,
I was uninterested in such ridiculous monster-hunting.
But I was pressed for money and took the job reluctantly...

Welcome to the world of Zombie Raid, where you use special sawed-off shotguns with pump-action reload. Fight your way through graveyards, through castles and dungeons and a mad scientist's laboratory! Battle all kinds of ghastly creatures like zombies and other frightful beings from a horror movie.

Within the macabre premises are a myriad of secrets. Discover ways to survive the carnage.
Defeat the forces of evil behind this mystery and end this terror for good!

Pump up your shotguns and enter the castle of nightmares!

© 1995 American Sammy Corporation