As team commanders of SR-88 Strategic Battle Tanks, you must face the invading forces from the evil Tangent Empire. They are invading the galaxy with 14 space station designed to defeat your team. Turrets and highly mobile armored tanks constantly patrol these stations' multi-levels to protect the fortifications the Tangents have built.

With limited supplies and weapons, players must make one last stand and attempt to defeat the invaders. The most powerful weapons in their arsenal are two SR-88 Battle Tanks, but their fuel supply is very volatile. Players must constantly replenish it by picking up fuel canisters through the stations' many levels. Battle stars can be found along the way, which are vital to enhancing the tank and adding weapons. Only with the most customized tanks can the evil Tangent Empire be conquered.

As they defeat each station, players demolish its Control Room and take the supplies the fleeing Tangents have left behind. Proceed to the next station's mothership for another battle. Ultimately, they must face the ruler of the entire Tangent Empire!

Take control of your destiny. Become a force to be reckoned with!

© 1987 Atari Games