In the year 2017, after an earthquake destroyed the entire Kanto region of Japan in 1999, Tokyo was forced to move its government to a man-made island of about 115 square miles floating in Tokyo Bay.

A central computer controls public safety, traffic, and all other govermental functions on the island. Amidst the island stood a huge school called the National Belnar Institute with over 105,400 students. From the institution spawned a number of excellent graduates worldwide.

Suddenly, unspeakable evil acts started infesting the artificial island, despite that it is supposed to be under the complete control of the central computer. Strangely enough, the incidents all began after a new Principal was assigned to the National Belnar Institute. Some people suspect that this person could be related to the evil force that was spreading throughout the island.

Now, a student named Isato Kaiza stood against this evil with a crystal he brought to the National Institute. This crystal, the Kaizer Stone amplifies fighting energy, turning Isato into the Burning Hero... Gowcaizer!

Voltage Fighters arise to fight the lurking evil in Belnar Academy!

© 1995 Technos Japan Corp., SNK Corp., based on the characters by Masami Obari