Kutal, a Middle Eastern country, has been in a dreadful state of civil war for several years. An organization of arms dealers banded together to form Project 4 so that they could maximize their profits. The profits were so high, however that Project 4 soon started fomenting war in Kutal anytime peace threatened. Using their illicit funds, they have developed many new revolutionary weapons and now aspire to conquer the globe.

To try to combat this menace before all of their plans are complete and restore a long sought peace to Kutal, a special international fighting team was formed... the U.N. Squadron.

The fighting in this area is ferocious.
Only fate will determine if we live or die.
Taking on this mission is like shaking hands with the devil.

© 1989 CAPCOM Co. Ltd., Daipro, based on the manga by Kaoru Shintani