Roddy and Cathy, two of the cutest and toughest bounty hunters in the universe,
are off to defeat the evil space pirates from a distant star system. Confront
the scumbags and blast your way through five stages of action adventure!

The dreaded Klaptons are on the loose, turning peaceful settlements into deserted ghost towns. Searching for the prize on the Klaptons' heads come the legendary team of cosmic bounty hunters, Roddy and Cathy. Do they have what it takes to save the universe? Can they work together without competing for the rewards themselves? The fate of the four captured worlds and the free universe rests on their hands!

Roddy and Cathy are equipped with elastic arms to reach distant items, slap enemies silly, or throw them against clusters of pirates. Skill and strategy are vital to survive against the battles with pirate lieutenants and the Klapton henchmen!

Capture the space pirates of Captain Klapton!

© 1994 SNK Corporation