A new galactic threat has arrived, the Goldibus Corps. The Demon King GOLDIBUS seeks to control the blue planet we call Earth! Various pilots around the world gather for a monumental war. Along with the Southern Hemisphere Treaty Organization's military arms, eight war machines are sent to the greatest battlefield humanity will ever see.

Different robots fight in a dream match for the ages: superhero robots, mobility robots, biotech robots, manga and anime robots, etc. Wage war in an epic 3D battlefield as you stride, shoot and strike the opposition! Select from two game modes which allows you to follow the adventurous story of your favorite mech's pilots or just plunge into battle with how many enemy robots you can defeat. Each pilot is a hero of his/her own story, and your performance and decisions will be vital on how the adventure progresses. Can you be the strongest hero at the turn of the millennium?

Eight robots shall decide the fate of the universe.

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