An elite agent of V.S.S.E. has received an emergency mission...

There's been a kidnapping! It's Rachel, the daughter of the President of Sercia!
Get into the castle and rescue Rachel!

Year 1996, finally the people of Sercia overthrew the Imperial rule of Sherudo Garo, the last of his family's line of dictators. Then the country's first democratic president was elected, President Macpherson. Garo had started allies with a terrorist organization, Wild Dog, so he could take back the country.

Sometime, somewhere, someone is plotting a government overthrow.
A small republic is in danger. It's time for a one-man army...

Rachel Macpherson, daughter of the President of Sercia couldn't have asked for a better day. She had a lot of time before her next bio-chem lecture to enjoy the August sun. The warmth was suddenly cut short when cold wind blew over her. The distinctive beat of rotors filled the air as she opened her eyes to see an object blotting out the sun. The helicopter settled down on the campus lawn just 100 yards away from her. A handsome man in sunglasses walked across the grass to her.

"Ms. Macpherson?"

"What is it? Is something the matter?" Rachel asked, sitting upright and cold with fear.

The man grabbed her arm hard and yanked her to her feet. Rachel felt something cold and metal press against her ribs. A gun!

"There will be, if you don't keep still. Come with me."

The man grinned as Rachel helplessly accompanied him to the helicopter.

"Your father will pay the price for destroying the imperial rule!"

The man in the video tape smiled. He held a knife in one hand, Rachel's hair tightly gripped on the other.

"Such a lovely face. It would be a shame if harm should come to it. President Macpherson, you have until sunset tomorrow to resign and reinstate me ruler of Sercia and I'll let the girl live."

Sherudo's image faded to black.

"No way are we letting that madman back into power," the V.S.S.E. Director said. "That castle is going to be filled with Wild Dog's thugs and who knows what else. Can your man handle an infiltration?"

Porter Davis pushed the transmit key on his laptop, sending the encrypted data speeding through the cyberspace.

"Mr. Director, if Richard Miller can't get Rachel out of there alive, no one can."

Rescue Rachel from Sherudo before time runs out!

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