You are a bounty hunter in the Old West, out to catch the most elusive outlaws of time. You will be handsomely rewarded for finding villains like Simon Greedwell, the sneaky, cattle-stealing ranch owner; Hawkeye Hank Hatfield, the quick-draw outlaw in all states; the evil, bomb-happy Smith Brothers; Chief Scalpem, the knife-wielding Indian; Paco Loco, the mad Indian brave; and Sir Richard Rose, the nefarious double-crossing land baron, just to name a few. Armed with your signature gun and sheer bravery, you must seek out information leading to these desperados.
These varmints will have you chasing them on foot or on horseback through old west towns, following stagecoaches and trains, through Indian villages, forests and plains. You've got to be quick in the draw and light on the feet - the outlaws' henchmen are everywhere. Also watch out for the many perils of the trail, including bull stampedes! Bonus stages are included so you can brush up your sharpshooting. Pick up weapons for a quick draw or two guns, and extra bounty money. The hazards of the job are many, but the rewards are great.

Saddle up and get ready for a wild gun-slinging ride in the Old West!

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