Caught in the middle of a stormy night, two young parapsychology students run to find shelter from the heavy downpour. The said students are also lovers, Rick Taylor and Jennifer Willis, who found refuge in an old mansion and entered it. This deserted house was owned by the late scientist Dr. West, a figure known about his works on parapsychology. The mansion was dubbed SPLATTERHOUSE by the locals due to the unknown experiments and horrors found within.

The sound of rain was pierced with a loud scream from Jennifer.

Jennifer was kidnapped by the abominations inside the mansion, while Rick was mortally wounded by monsters. Thrown into the deep dungeons and left for dead, Rick has been found by a sentient artifact, attaching itself to his face.

An ancient relic of mysterious origins, the Terror Mask endows Rick with immense strength and endurance. Using his empowered revival, Rick faces the hordes of grotesque monsters in an attempt to save Jennifer... and to escape the nightmares of the West Mansion once and for all.

Smash your way for survival and paint the walls red!

© 1988 Namco Ltd.