Aye Carumba, America's favorite family is moving in!

While innocently wandering through beautiful downtown Springfield, the Simpsons encounter a robbery in progress. As Homer bumps into the thieves, a large diamond pops out of their hands and into Maggie's mouth. Unwilling to part with the treasure, the thieves take Maggie with them. Now Homer, Marge, Lisa, and the infamous Bart join in a mission to rescue Maggie.

Each family member has his own special attack technique. Bart uses his trusty skateboard, Lisa whips the enemies with her jumprope, Marge cleans up the hooligans with her vacuum cleaner, and Homer's arms and legs are his lethal weapons. Also, two family members can join together for a team attack. Together, the Simpsons fearlessly battle the evil hoods. Many of the enemies are in disguise, so expect the unexpected!

Can our heroes rescue Maggie and reunite the family? Stay tuned!

© 1991 Konami Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox, based on the characters by Matt Groening