RoadBlasters is a futuristic warfare game where the player battles opponents from behind the wheel of a high-performance armored car, featuring realistic driving perspective with steering and control over laser artillery and other unique weaponry.

Drive your car in a progression of countries, alternating checkpoints (midpoint goals that award extra fuel as you go past) and rally points (finish lines that indicate completion of the race). Extra fuel is awarded as your performance is evaluated after each rally.

The sleekly fast racers, heavily armored cars, unpredictably evasive buggies and darting bikers combine forces to prevent the player from reaching each rally point. There are also mines in the road, gun turrets blazing, opponent-thrown bombs and other obstacles to avoid. By docking the special weapons pack dropped by the support jet, you can acquire special weapons to counter the opposition!

The game ends when the car has run out of fuel. There are green and red fuel globes along the roadway that you can tag to win additional fuel.

In the end, only one warrior will prevail!

© 1987 Atari Games