Capconia was a peaceful kingdom.
Thanks to the power of the Seed of Wisdom the citizens were able to lead their lives in quiet happiness.
The Wisdom Seed: In the hands of the just man it could be used to ensure peace.
However, a man with evil in his heart could use its power to bring down a curtain of darkness on the world.

One day the evil warlock Gordian invaded Capconia with a host of his foulest monsters and seized the Wisdom Seed. After using the seed to endow his monsters with evil wisdom, the warlock Gordian launched his assault on the good people of the land. the monsters forced the citizens to answer very difficult questions. Those who could not answer correctly were promptly eaten.

The sage king, Hatena VI, selected the four wisest and bravest in the land and ordered them to recover the Wisdom Seed.

"You, the brave... the chosen...
You must use your wisdom and strength to save our world."

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