The SHIGUMA race of monsters have reached Earth's surface. They destroyed several civilizations and shrouded the world in darkness. Formerly a brave and noble race sealed deep within the depths of the Earth, the Shiguma was released after the seal was broken by evil intentions. For a thousand years, the dreaded Shiguma invaded with unmatched brutality. Humanity seemed lost by their assault. Even the latest weapons of modern science had no effect on the Shiguma forces. All they could do was entrust their last hopes in an ancient prophecy that was said to occur.

"When the eternally sleeping devils awaken on the land, it is said that two warriors of light will appear from the East. With an untold power, these two will bury the darkness in the land."

After the holy seal was broken, various monsters caused darkness to cover the world. ATHENA ASAMIYA and SHI KENSU are young psychic "warriors of light" to fight for Earth's safety. Harnessing the luminous powers of the Phoenix and Dragon, they shall restore peace for tomorrow's people.

They are the Light in the Darkness... They are Psychic Soldiers!

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