"Popeye! Sweetheart! Catch my kisses!" cries Olive Oyl. "I yam coming, sweet tips, but there's an ugly brute right on me tail," wails Popeye.

Chasing hearts before they break, Popeye is pursued by the blubber man, Brutus. POW! Popeye punches bottles flung by Brutus and the annoying Sea Hag. POW! Popeye slams the punching bag and a beer barrel immobilizes Brutus.

Avast! Ms. Oyl still nags and throws things, and brutish Brutus is now gaining! But POW! Popeye grabs the spinach and starts glowing red. Only now can Popeye knock Brutus on his petunias!

Plagued by kamikaze skulls, ravenous vultures and fragile hearts,
can Popeye triumph? Will he knock out Brutus and live happily
ever after with his favorite dame?

I'm strong to the finish, 'cause I eat my spinach!

© 1982 Nintendo Co. Ltd., King Features Syndicate, Inc.