China... Generations have believed in the legend sometime during the 11th Century when warlords lived as kings but the land was in complete anarchy. Power-hungry warlords rebelled against the empire's rigid order.

To regain control of his kingdom, the Liangshan warlord Chou Gai devised a cunning plan. He prepared the ultimate conquest for his most ambitious rivals, a challenge no warlord could resist. The rewards would be unimaginable. The victor would be endowed with incredible abilities and ultimate power, as well as wealth beyond belief. The triumph would be absolute, as to lose is to die. More than a hundred warriors and outlaws, each possessing special fighting prowess, would come into battle to test their skill as the gods of war watched from above.

Eleven warriors had survived, and they gather in the foggy marshes of the Liangshan mountains in the mighty struggle for power. There is only one who can challenge the evil regime in the Forbidden Palace. The search for that heroic outlaw begins here!

Are you strong and wise enough to triumph in this ultimate challenge?

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