Male ninja and female kunoichi were well-trained and disciplined spies of days past. Becoming a ninja meant that one must be well trained in at least one martial art in addition the learning the art of magic. Ninja warriors were very important to the ancient Shogun and were called upon many times to protect and perform very brave and dangerous acts for the Shogun. It is now 1996 and 2 different ninja have been summoned once again for a different task, the first time ever outside the Orient.

Near the turn of the century in a new country called El Cabar, the evil dictator Banglar has seized power. The dictator was a ruthless mass murderer who thought nothing of individual rights of free men and women, deteriorating the morale of citizens. The El Cabarian society, known the world over for being an industrious and democratic nation, was headed for destruction.

The ousted former President Mulk of El Cabar contacted his long time allies from the Orient for assistance. Because of the need for secrecy, his contacts sent two cybernetic assassins programmed with the ways of the ninja to rid El Cabar from the nefarious army of the tyrant Banglar.

Mobilize the ninjas and kill the evil dictator!

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