In an era way back our time, the story of the hidden shadows in the world unfold.

In a small island in the far east, there is a legend of the golden castle that belies the fate of the world.
Anyone can only look up to see the castle, but those who dare enter it never returned.

In the period of the Warring States, the land was overrun by chaos and destruction, slaughters and civil wars.
The Demon King Haoh drew armies toward the golden castle, intent on breaking the seal protected by the
clan Morotomo. If the seal breaks, the demon is released, trapping the world in a void of space and time.

When 300 years has passed, the power of the seal is weakened, the resurrection of Haoh's evil draws near...
However, there were those who sensed the gradual revival of Haoh. In the year 1882, civilization will be
wiped out by an evil shogunate bearing the name of a country torn by war for hundreds of years... Jipang!

Guided toward a bloody destiny, ten dancing shadows gather!

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