Spencer Williams
Chairman, Narcotics Opposition
Washington DC
January 17, 1997


To: MAX FORCE and HIT MAN, N.O. Corps 1
Re: Project NARC


Dear Agents,

As you may well know, our situation in war on drugs has gotten worse -- much worse. The N.O. currently identified several groups of known offenders. Dealers, pushers, mobsters, gangsters -- even psycho clowns -- they're all in it.

They seem to have an unlimited supply of weapons. Government reports claim that the entire operation is being directed and financed by Mr. Big -- it seems he runs the largest underground drug trafficking and terrorist organizations in the world. We'd send in the army's special operations division, but that would just send up flags. We need to act more covertly. Which is why you two have been chosen to go in there and spearhead this operation.

You will have to cover a lot of territory. Mr. Big's people are everywhere! What's more, the action doesn't stop at the street. You'll catch them in their underground drug labs (destroy as much of that poison as you can) and up in the top floors of classy, high-rise hotels. We'll supply you with machine gun ammo and all the rocket bombs you can carry. But you'll probably go through them fast. So replenish your supply with the stuff dropped on the streets.

And speaking of the street, pick up anything and everything you can. Cash, contraband, even magnetic entry cards -- they'll open doors for you.

Keep in touch with us via your Mobile Scanner Unit. We'll give you progress reports as well as updates on your assignment. Take a look on the criminal dossiers on the hoodlums you will find along the way. N.O. and the entire country are counting for you.


Spencer Williams
N.O. Chairman

You are Agents Max Force and Hitman. Your mission: bust Mr. Big and destroy his dreaded criminal empire. Seize all of drugs, contraband, laundered money, and black market weapons. Apprehend all suspects, protect the innocents and punish the guilty. Use your rocket bombs and high-powered machine guns... Stop at nothing!

No one had the guts. Until now!

© 1988 Williams Electronics