The whole world is in the verge of Armageddon. The diabolic forces of SKULL Enterprise are just about to achieve their black-hearted goal -- total control. Our world as we have known it no longer exists. Devastation reeks everywhere. The common populace has been coerced to live underground. Survival is the only objective.

However, amidst all this destruction, five brave ninja warrios have been scheming the demise of SKULL. These ninjas: SPYROS, KEIMA, KOJIRO, BRAD, and YURI, have been only one step behind SKULL and the collapse of its empire. Their training and experience have kept their minds sharp and their determination high... until one of their comrades was captured and taken prisoner. Now, it's personal.

Join these young ninjas and encounter enemies so vile your mind rejects it as reality.
Help them search for their comrade and attempt to fulfill their quest to destroy SKULL.

Only five ninjas who can stop SKULL's Armageddon!

© 1993 Konami Corporation