Howdy pardners, welcome to Cowtown, where y'all help Marshal Moo Montana and his bunch of bovines: Dakota Dude, Cowlorado Kid and Buffalo Bull bring harmony to the land of Moo Mesa and its kinder folks by being steadfast and true to the Code of the West. But upholding the code ain't no easy task mind you, when varmints like the evil Mayor Bulloney and his mean shootin', cud chewin' cousin Sheriff Terrorbull are in cahoots together.

The crusade begins when the hooded hooligan, the Masked Bull, kidnaps the lovely li'l lassie -- Lilli Bovine. Y'all must gather up all yer strength and muster up all yer courage as this journey takes you on an adventure never before dreamed of. Across the scorchin' desert, deep inside the terrifyin' Skull Mountain, hunted through the Dreaded Ghost Town and into many other territories never tread upon before.

So saddle up your steed and join this fearless and intrepid bunch
of bovines restore tranquility and serenity to the Cowtown of Moo Mesa.

A chosen few would see the light and fight the wrong with right!

© 1992 Konami Corporation, R.E. Bee Inc, Surge West Inc, based on the comic by Ryan Brown