The following is a story of fantasy.

Once upon a time, a giant evil descended on the peaceful land of Cadacis. His name was Gal Agiese, a man of extreme evil who controlled demons. Just when the demons were going to take over the land, a young hero appeared.

This young hero defeated the demons using various kinds of magic until at last he sealed up Gal Agiese and Az Atorse, the god of destruction. He intended to turn their power into 8 volumes of books. People all over the country praised the young hero and called him the Magician Lord.

Gal Agiese is not weak enough to be enclosed by the ancient seal forever.

It is an age of turmoil.

"The seal is now destroyed. The world has started on the path of destruction. You are the only one, the last descendant of the Magician Lord who can stop it. Go ahead, Elta. Recover the seal."

Step into the Sorcerer's World!

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