Two brothers were the government's top Narcotics Control Agency operatives for 15 years. They personally foiled countless attempts by South American drug cartels to transport more of their deadly wares to the civilized world. Their father had spent the same time researching a serum that would break people's addiction to these lethal drugs. He had tested it successfully on laboratory animals and was at the process of making it safe for human use. Together they both worked to combat the killer plague of drug abuse.

The Crimson King, head of the most powerful cartel, had maintained surveillance on the outspoken doctor and constantly worried about his research. When his henchmen reported that a vaccine had been developed to eliminate drug addiction, the Crimson King wasted no time to take action.

The brothers returned home after completing their supposedly last mission, only to find their house empty. There were evidence of struggle and a note was found on the table. "You and your father had caused me endless trouble. I cannot sit back and watch you topple my drug empire. You may have noticed your family missing from your home. Come for them... if you dare!"

The brothers immediately head for a remote island known as Mantano. They knew the Crimson King's organization could have taken their family hostage here. The Crimson King will not hide -- he is luring the brothers into a trap without escape! Guide these operatives through the vast complex, with its fiercely loyal soldiers and nightmarish machinery, in order to rescue their family. The Crimson King has made a fatal mistake... it's time to make him pay!

This is the last battle to smash the Crimson King's cartel!

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