In the year 199X A.D., after many years of peace and quiet...

Darkness has slithered its way to every corner and crevice of the world. It hangs thick and heavy, a molten tar that has seared the souls of all. Corruption seeps through every crack. There is no rule, no reason... they have all succumbed to a hatred that conqured all feebleminded creatures. Death is on the breath of every man. Life is but a memory of a dream -- if dreams were to exist. Happiness, joy and delight dances in the mind of only one -- the Evil One. He grows stronger with every crime and sinister thought.

Good has intervened and summoned the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena. She has hand-picked four brave, noble fighters and bestowed them with special powers. The most mighty of these powers is the ability to transform into a beast, a metamorphic force. However there is a price for this invincible power -- pain. Once the torturous process begins, the pain is so excruciating that even the bravest of warriors wails out a scream of a thousand banshees.

This is where the story begins, these fearless warriors set out to bring life to world of destruction. Ban, Claude, Max and Ivan have just invaded the Evil One's island. Guide these warriors through battles no human has experienced, the banish the Evil One from this world. Equip your mind and soul to venture deep into the Evil One's dwelling -- defend yourself against creatures like half-ram, two-headed beasts, robot built from ice, and a chicken-man who can burst into flames.

If these hideous, grotesque barbarians aren't enough to defeat you, the bizarre climatic environment surely will. Lakes of fire lapping at your feet with temperatures so sweltering your flesh melts and sags from your bones. Shrines built of ice with temperatures so raw your breath crystallizes and scatters like white sand on the icy mirrored floor. Each creature and environment encountered is more fierce and vicious than the one before. And if your will to live gets you to break into the Evil One's Castle, you will encounter hordes of diabolical creatures, all the way to the climactic showdown with the Evil One himself.

Now, the fiercest and most desperate battle is about to begin!

© 1993 Konami Corporation