At first, it seemed like just another revolution. But our intel reported that the rebel forces have been backed by an unusual array of high-tech weaponry... and that the soldiers may actually be a new fearsome breed of robot androids! If this revolution succeeds, the entire world's safety will be threatened. This is where you come in.

You must attempt to infiltrate the rebel forces' island base. But before you even reach the shore, you'll have to contend with hostile gunboats, frogmen, choppers and destroyers. If you make it to the island, you'll find it patrolled by enemy soldiers armed to the teeth with combat knives and hand grenades, rabid attack dogs, and lethal airborne drones, programmed to destroy any intruder on sight. Other unknown dangerous defenses lie in wait as well. But if you manage to survive and reach the enemy headquarters, you will face the most terrifying threat of all -- and no one has made it back to reveal its nature.

You'll be provided with a complete arsenal -- an assault gun, rocket launcher and hand grenades, along with dropships of ordnance as you progress in your operation. Remember, failure is not an option. You haven't got a minute to waste -- it's time to launch your MECHANIZED ATTACK!

Machine guns roar and burst with fury!

© 1989 SNK Corporation