After the short-lived Qin Dynasty, the corruption in China's government was slowly falling into foreign forces, plummeting the people into a life of misery. This resulting loss of trust to the government sent the public to fall back toward religion.

The White Lotus Society took this opportunity to conquer, claiming to restore peace and order by aiding the government in driving off the foreigners -- a doctrine that was quickly absorbed by the public. Every trace of influence from the West was quickly eradicated, human or object alike. Any objection shall be accused of treason and heresy, and could be bounds for execution.

Master Dragon and Master Huang refuse to be bound by this extremism and join forces to prevent further loss of lives.

The Master of the White Lotus Society sent an invitation to Master Dragon and Master Huang but Dragon's students saw this as a trap and suggested to wait that they wait for Master Huang, who was currently out of town. Wanting to make peace through negotiations, Master Dragon went alone and ended up getting captured and imprisoned by the White Lotus.

Master Huang is out to take revenge in these turbulent times. Along the way, other masters of their own arts, have their own score to settle against the White Lotus Society. Who shall end up becoming the victor?

This is the test for the strongest martial art!

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