Travel with the Great Gurianos as he battles his way through 4 corridors of the Golden Palace against some of the toughest and most feared warriors ever to be found anywhere. Gurianos can erect a momentary protective shield as long as he's in full armor. Gather all 4 flying swords from each corridor to upgrade Gurianos' weapon. With this weapon's power, Gurianos can even imbue himself with indestructible golden armor!

Remember the basic rules of fencing: block before you attack. Look for a gap in your foe's defense and move in for the killing blow. Shields and plate armor shall protect both of you: a well-placed strike strips part of these metal barriers, and one thrust to the now vulnerable area draws blood -- and a decisive victory. Look for magic crystals to recover your armor, but mind the incoming onslaught of obstacles. Each opposing warrior has his own personality and way of fighting. Slice through all of them -- and the Gold King himself -- and the palace's Treasure Room is yours.

Lead Gurianos to victory in the Golden Palace!

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