Yo, Joe! COBRA is up to their slimy tricks once again. They are planning world domination through mass terrorism. The team forces must unite to advance and stop this menace as four G.I. Joe members, trained in specialized military areas, have their work cut out for them. Snake-Eyes is a mystical martial arts master. Roadblock is a heavy machine gunner. Scarlett's military intelligence is no wimp when it comes to kicking butt. Duke is looked upon as a guidance counselor and offensive coach to the G.I. Joe unit. Together they get tough on the ruthless Cobra Commander and his sleazy Cobra Vipers and Toxo-Vipers.


After attacking big cities, COBRA begins to spread mass destruction and chaos. The Joes must destroy the chemical plant to rid the world of COBRA's terror tactics; smash their air base from hostile tanks, dive-bombing planes, helicopters and legions of soldiers; culminating with the weapons plant where high-tech arms are being manufactured. Once the plant is destroyed, Cobra Commander threatens to launch powerful missiles targeted at cities all over the world unless G.I. Joe lays down their arms. But the G.I. Joe team never surrenders.


The Joes search through the jungle's depths for COBRA's secret military base where the deadly missiles are stored. It's time to go down and dirty and show COBRA how tough the Joes are in the ultimate showdown with Cobra Commander.

Join the ranks of a fearless team and be a real American hero!

© 1992 Konami Corporation, HASBRO Inc, based on the comic by Larry Hama