"HELP! HELP!" cries the beautiful maiden as she is dragged up a labyrinth of structural beams by the ominous Donkey Kong. "SNORT. SNORT." Forboding music warns of the eventual doom of the poor girl, lest she is somewhat miraculously rescued. "But wait! Fear not, fair maiden. Little Mario, the carpenter, is in hot pursuit of you this very moment."

Throwing fate to the wind, risking life and limb or worse, Mario tries desperately to climb the mighty fortress of steel, to save the lovely lady from the evil Mr. Kong. Mario must dodge all sorts of obstacles fired at him by Donkey Kong. It is your job to get Mario to the top. For it is there, and only there, that he can send the might Donkey Kong to his mortal doom. Leaving Mario and the beautiful girl to live happily every after. "SIGH. SIGH."

Everyone's going ape over Donkey Kong!

© 1981 Nintendo Co. Ltd.