In the Kingdom of Etrulia there is an ancient legend...

"Should the people of the kingdom be corrupted by wickedness, demons and devils of the underworld shall break through the Gate of Doom. In that day the creatures of darkness will enter the lands and they shall rule them as their own.

But in that time also four heroes shall arise.

Summoned by the force divine, these warriors with diverse powers and skills will face the forces of darkness and will destroy them. Then with the Magic Gem and the Magic Crown, these heroes will try to lock the Gate of Doom forever."

The Kingdom of Etrulia was once one of peace and tranquility. But evil thoughts poisoned the minds of its people.

The Gate of Doom opened and creatures of the Underworld filled the kingdom.

The people prayed that the heroes of legend would come forth to save them from the monsters of darkness.

Your quest: find and lock the Gate of Doom!

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