~ A.D. 2016 ~
The Federal Government, facing an increased population crisis,
approves development of a space colony project.

~ A.D. 2019 ~
The government appointed Colony C05 as the military fortress.
Many military androids were sent there.
They were found to be defective. Numerous problems occured in the military.

~ A.D. 2020 ~
The government installed a supercomputer in Colony C05 to control the androids.
Android military troops were trained against the invading alien.
The Federal military had reduced their soldiers and became weakened.

Up until now, mankind has enjoyed their prosperity. Now they are facing trouble.
Their state-of-the-art army computer has run amok.
The cyborgs and aliens under its control are attacking people.
The government calls the marines Rick and Brook to eliminate the supercomputer known as Cyber-Lip.

In A.D. 2030, the fruit of man's intelligence is now out of control!

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