In the midnight of September 12th, 2631...

The latest and most powerful automatic was equipped, and the radar commanded by the Marines caught a small-size meteorite that was approaching abnormally to the earth. The meteorite fell 20km north-east of New Zealand at the Gal Mosquito Archipelago. The command did a long-term observation of the meteorite after that.

Two years later, on December 2633, an intruder known as Red Falcon was occupying the Gal Mosquito Archipelago and was planning the fall of mankind. Command ordered a confidetial investigation at the enemy's front base. The marine post-ordered two CONTRA Soldiers Private First Class Bill Rizer and Private First Class Lance Bean. Their mission is to penetrate the insides of the enemy, destroy the front base and the entire center of operation.

Bill and Lance are sent to the Gal Mosquito Archipelago.

Go to the enemy fortress and see that they are exterminated!

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