This is a story of a time lost in the history books. A time of swords and spells, when valiant men and women used brute strength and powerful magic to defend their kingdoms from unimaginably horrible monsters that occasionally ventured from the dark recesses in search for food... or worse.

Then a monster rose among them who was especially powerful: Baarogue the Destroyer, a demon wizard born of a human woman. Our story begins when Baarogue materializes out of nowhere and snatching Sarasa, princess of Deerzar from her carefree existence. The black citadel of Cadash rose in the horizon surrounded by a fiery moat.

When word of the abduction spread to the fair people of Deerzar, panic overtook them. Peace left the land and chaos swept in, dividing the people and causing a civil war. In desperation, the good king summoned four valiant warriors to recover the Princess, destroy Baarogue and hopefully return peace to Deerzar. You are the last hope of this once mighty land.

And so begins the greatest chapter in Deerzar's history...

© 1989 Taito Corporation