Take control of two commandos to take down the five D.R.A.T. fortresses. Wipe out all the enemy infantry and vehicles in each location. You'll need your TUF-99 assault rifles and a stock of FRAG-57 hand grenades to take down the terrorist camps. You need all your shooting and dodging skills to stay alive and save the day, soldier!

Here's your orders, soldier! Major I.M. Havoc here -- Combat Consultant to the International World Affairs Council. We've just received notice of a worldwide assault being planned by the Dreaded Repubic of Allied Terrorists. The Council has instructed me to select volunteers to defuse this situation. And guess what? You just got volunteered!

Get ready for a week's Reconaissance and Ruination at the terrorist's camp, their own secluded island paradise. You'll stroll the warm, tropical beaches as bullets shred the sand at your feet. Gaze at enchanting sunsets as you dodge the raking fire of deadly combat choppers. Admire the beautiful ruins... you'll get to ruin them some more!

This is strictly a covert operation. The Council cannot claim responsibility for you if you fail. You are on your own and if you mess up, it's your hide. The entire terrorist camp must be wiped out or the vermin will continue their reign of terror. Leave no buildings left standing, no ships floating, no choppers flying. And most importantly, clear the entire zone of enemy personnel!

Keep your eyes open and your finger on the trigger. Complete your mission and the world can breathe a sigh of relief. Good luck, soldier -- you're going to need it!


Major I.M. Havoc
Combat Consultant, I.W.A.C.

Jump, duck and roll. Two guns are better than one!

© 1988 Taito Corp., TAD Corp., Fabtek Corp.