For many years, the Castella family, a huge crime syndicate, literally ruled over the streets of New York with overpowering control. Two police officers named Duke Edwards and Billy King fought against the syndicate for years trying to bring justice the leaders of this murderous clan. Then, just when Duke and Billy were closing in on the family, the Castella fled to Japan.

Word has it that the Castella have joined forces with another crime family, the Heiwa-Gumi, and have produced a powerful team of modern day gangsters that now control most of Osaka. Their looting and criminal activities have reached uncontrollable proportions and the one concerned detective, Ryu Saeba cannot overthrow the combined forces of the two families alone.

This is the action-packed, vandalous story of 3 detectives joining together to once and for all rid the world of these violent criminals. Can the endless funds of the Castella and Heiwa-Gumi be depleted? Or will the massive forces of these ruthless criminals defeat the efforts of Duke, Billy, and Ryu? One thing is for certain... this jaw crushing and head bustin' fight of justice between good guys versus bad will drag you into one hell-uva burning fight!

Wipe out gangsters! Detectives enter into the ruthless fight!

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