Welcome back. Choose your weapon and do battle against the greatest warriors of the world. Each fighter has been personally selected to represent his discipline and tactics in a winner-takes-all secret tournament that defies death. Plan to stay awhile, since these forsaken foes aren't just out to take each other down, but rather take each other out for good.

Against a dark and shifting landscape, the warriors of the twisted underworld tournament known as the Toshindaibukai await your return. It's another 360° clash of dancing weapons, lethal techniques, visceral arenas and stalwart characters. This time the original cast of avengers are joined by brand new fighters: sexy cop gone bad Tracy; merciless master monk Gaia; and a friendly fellow by the name of Chaos who happens to brandish a scythe. All of them are keen to know you better... in every level.

DEATH. It's what they live for.

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