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Ryo Sakazaki, to find his kidnapped sister, goes into the dangerous South Town.
Robert Garcia, a friend and rival of Ryo, goes to South Town with him.
Who is waiting for them in South Town?

One year before...
Yuri : "Stop it, Ryo. That guy with the big nose is..."

Yes. The guy with the big beak was Ryo and Yuri's father, Takuma Sakazaki who fled the dreaded South Town syndicate and the powerful figure who led this dreaded bunch of thugs. For his breaking of the group code, Mr. Big kidnapped Yuri,
holding her hostage to lure the unsuspecting Mr. Karate, Takuma Sakazaki, into a trap involving Robert and Ryo.

The Raging Tiger, Robert Garcia... The Invincible Dragon, Ryo Sakazaki... The two
Kyokugenryu masters stand up for their search of Robert's childhood friend, Freia Lawrence.
They must find Freia from the clutches of the evil Wyler, a tycoon who holds a powerful elixir.
Joining the action are six new warriors, each with their own agendas in this new saga!

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