Vicious predators from the far ends of the universe are invading our planet! They're mean and wicked, creating havoc everywhere! No one is able to end this turmoil, until a group of courageous citizens known as ALIEN BUSTERS take charge!

As shape-changing scum take over your city, blast into action with ray guns, flame throwers and power whips to fry these slimy horrors and end their bid for conquest. But watch your step, harmless objects like trash cans or phone booths may transform into nefarious aliens to prey on the helpless. Only quick reflexes and precision weaponry can keep you off the aliens' menu, while a gunship or ballistic missile ought to do the trick.

Your incredible final mission is infiltrating the aliens' mothership in outerspace.
You'll need a full load of skills and strength to come out of the war alive!

Be an Alien Buster and annihilate all the aliens!

© 1990 Sega Enterprises