Fifty-seven years have passed since the last Xenomorph confrontation. The universe was safe -- at least everyone thought so. However, the nightmare is about to begin... again. An alien breeding ground has been detected at the abandoned space settlement on LV-426. You are sent as part of a special task force to destroy this deadly haven before it spirals out of control.

Upon arrival at LV-426 Acheron, the magnitude of the threat sinks in. The settlement is overrun with aliens, and the mission expects you to eliminate every one of them through airways, elevators, underground waterways, and tunnels within the space colony. You will encounter multitudes of Xenomorph creatures. The situation gets worse as there are incubation rooms and hatching grounds everywhere. Dodge fatal shock waves, barricades, steam blasts, and dripping doses of alien acid in pursuit of your goal. The task of blowing away the aliens is aided with the use of various power weapons you encounter... all the way against the alien queen that constantly sends the endless hordes of Xenomorphs.

In the last, most desperate fight, the fate of the universe depends on you. Will the aliens win, and come back to your colony to wipe out all human life; or will you emerge victorious, destroying the Xenomorphs and blasting their species back into the abyss of outerspace?


© 1990 Konami Corporation, Twentieth Century Fox