October 3rd 1939, Case No. 238: A new client.
The Kidnapping of the Rich Man's Daughter.

CLIENT "My daughter has been kidnapped! I got this letter from the kidnappers. Please rescue her."

RICK "Hey, look at this ad in the classified! I think this has got something to do with the illustrious client who visited last night."
ALLEN "You mean that rich business dude?"
RICK "Yep. The guy whose daughter was kidnapped."
ALLEN "You mean this? This is just a classified ad for a job."
RICK "There's an encoded message hidden in these sentences. And I'll bet only certain members of the criminal element understand the code."
ALLEN "I don't see any secret code. Who do you think you are, Sherlock Holmes?"
RICK "It's not just this one ad either. There are several job ads in here that contain a secret message. This must be a huge criminal organization judging by the amount of money they've spent on ads!"
ALLEN "I still don't get it. Where is the secret code?"
RICK "Read these job classifieds very carefully. Notice the similarity between the sentences in the ads and the sentences we saw in the letter from the kidnappers last night?"
ALLEN "Holy Sh... eboygan. Really?"
RICK "Let's get on this case!"

Beat the bad guys and find your client's daughter!

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